The Bitch Is Back

Remember that blog that had over 150 posts about a princess who pondered everything from the very random to the inane? Yeah...that one. Well, said blog became infected with the what-the-fuck-happened-to-all-my-posts virus AKA known as can't-figure-it-out-so-I-am-starting-over-syndrome. Somehow all of my posts and dates became transposed so things that happened to me many moons ago came up as current and vice-verse. Good times....

Anyhoo the bitch is back............miss me?

I have been so into the holiday despite my lackluster November and the fact that I am still not feeling like myself. I've prided myself on doing some festive baking for a lucky few who have been the recipients of my Betty Crocker on crack marathon. No, really, there's something about Christmas that brings out the domestic side in me. It's actually a secret plot to make all of friends fat so I'll look better in Christmas photos. And you thought I was nice....

I've also been wrapping presents for that little munchkin nephew of mine who is so deliciously adorable that I had to include a picture of him. Here he is on Santa's Lap:

Is he not too cute? I truly hope all of his little Christmas dreams come true....yes I may be a bit whacked but I am a huge softie when it comes to him.

Speaking of Christmas....tell me what is all the rage with you as I am just not into posting more about my going's on as there's not much to say. Suffice that I am going to take a trek up to my parents in a day or so for the holiday where I will partake in far too much pampering for my age bracket (is there really such a thing?)

Happy Ho-Ho's....

18 tell it like it is:

ifihadtopickfive :

He looks so serious about his conversation with Santa, I love it.

Britt :

Glad you're back! I was wondering where you went...

Have a great Christmas!

Little Miss Obsessive :

I missed you!

I feel like the Holidays bring out my domestic side also.. all the sudden I'm all about baking. heh

Your nephew is too cute.. glad to see your in the Christmas spirit! =)

TC :

I was a little nervous about the blocked blog: glad to see you back! :)

He's adorable! I can see why you're a softie there.

Momma, The Casual Perfectionist :

Yay! You're back! I was wondering what happened! :)

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts :

He is just so darn adorable!!!!

Have a wonderful holiday girly.

PinkPiddyPaws :

Awww...sorry you lost your stuff! That sucketh mightily. Yea, verily it doth. ;) Welcome back though!! xoxoxo

Chris H :

Bummer about the virus/infection.... glad you are back. Your nephew looks adorable...have a great Christmas.

Mama Kelly :

Oh hun sorry you lost all your posts!!

That is a great pic of your favorite little man. I know without asking that all his holiday wishes will be met and exceeded.

May yours be as well and may you have a onderful time with your family!!!


PS My baking is this weekend, one of my odest friends is coming up from out of state and she I and the girls will be up to our elbows in cookie dough for HOURS,

bloggingbarbie :

thank god you're back. i missed having one of my fellow bitches to hang out with on the INTERWEB.


xo, bb

Ann(ie) :


And December is doing it to me, too. I've been all domestic. I made chex mix and cookies today which is pretty massive for someone that hates being in the kitchen!!

Frank :

Glad you're back :)

I'm trapped at home until the snows clear after Christmas...sometimes I really regret living in the Midwest.

dmarks :

Welcome back.

Don't get that kid a Red Ryder BB gun. He'll shoot his eye out.

B :

Hey girl

merry christmas and happy new year
B xox

Classy in Philadelphia :

Haha, I love this post and I love your layout! I hope you post more.

KennethSF :

Welcome back! Starting over on a certain saintly person's birthday--what's more appropriate than that. I'm self-employed, so I'm on a self-declared vacation till New Year.

Mike S :

So nice to find you here again. I thought you'd quit blogging, very happy that's not the case:)

Princess Pointful :

Hi doll! I was a crappy blogger over the holidays, but I did want to say a belated happy 2009 and a big fat screw you to blog viruses. Hope to see more of you on here soon!!