Charitable Snub

You can always tell my state of mind by the condition of my house. Needless to say I'm anxious. I can't tell if I'm anxious because my house is chaotic or if my house is chaotic because I'm anxious.....but we'll save psycho-analysis for another day.

I've been attempting to purge the enclave I call my closet while at the same time trying to rid the entire house of some of it's more tired accessories and artifacts. In the last week I've filled four ginormous garbage bags with shoes and clothes.....and I'm not talking ew-I-wouldn't-wear-that-if-you-paid-me clothes, but nice, fashionable ensembles, some still adorning tags. I have ADD when it comes to clothes as my attention span is synonymous to that of a gnat. Yes, there are some things I hang onto forever but the majority of things get cycled through and expunged as my mood dictates. The good thing is I give it all to charity. The bad thing is that charities are getting picky. Just last month I called a charity to come pick up several bags of clothes and shoes and, much to my dismay, the driver refused several pairs as they were *worn*. Ummm...hello?? These ARE used...and it's not like I would even try to pawn off a completely gross looking pair of shoes to a needy individual. As if. The only reason they were leaving the premises is because the were a little snug and I couldn't justify another blister in the name of fashion any longer. Shocker, I know.

In similar snubbing fashion said charity wouldn't take my archaic, albeit functional, fax/phone machine. I just don't understand why they refuse perfectly good things when people could actually use them. It truly baffles me. I wonder if there's hard and fast rules or if it's up to the driver's discretion. If it's the latter I'd have to say my driver is a moron. And what's with not taking computers? I have an operational Dell that is a bit, ummm, how shall I say, prehistoric, but it works and can do the job. They flat out refused that over the phone even before seeing it. Why not take it and give it to someone who would rather have any computer then none at all? I recognize they don't want junk, but one man's trash is another man's treasure. Or somthing like that. Sigh. Some things I'll never understand.

7 tell it like it is:

Mama Kelly :

I have large wood horizontal filing cabinets in my attic as I cannot find a charity that will come and take them away. I mean seriously, they are in near perfect condition!!

At this point Ill probably freeecycle them soas to avoid them going into a landfil.

TC :

That's ridiculous. There are definitely people who can use these things.

Try or craigslist. I know it's a pain, but I'd say these charities don't really deserve anything more out of you!

PinkPiddyPaws :

Nice to know that CHARITY can be so damn picky. Who are they giving their donations to? The rich and famous?? Geez...

Sara :

It makes me wonder what happens to all the things I dump in those big metal bins.

Frank :

That's why I just dump old clothes and stuff in the charity bin they keep outside 7-11...can't refuse stuff that way.

chasinglibby :

that's lame! and bad news bears for me...i've got SO much stuff I've been wanting to give away for ages. if only i could sneak the garbage bags past my mother....WITHOUT getting the guilt trip of life about wasted money!

The Ambiguous Blob :

I did a spring cleaning last year and took a ton of stuff to the local Goodwill to donate. There were electric fans and dressers, a ton of clothes, lamps, childrens toys, etc.

All they would accept was the clothes. The rest had to go in a free box that I listed on Craigslist. Ridiculous.