Friends For All Seasons

In thinking about my ensuing 40th birthday I began to reminisce about birthdays past and who I've spent them with; specifically friends who've seen me through, if not the majority of them, the most meaningful of them. I have found my birthdays to be more then just milestones indicative of age, but rather barometers suggestive of life's accomplishments. I suppose one could quantify accomplishments a myriad of ways, but I am most impacted by those personal triumphs. In a word; friendships.

Most of my life has been characterized not by destination but the journey itself. Those precious few who've chosen to sojourn alongside me have left indelible imprints on my heart. Some remain while some have moved on while still others flicker in and out of my life like a candle that burns brightest and elicits the most heat when you need it most. I can count on one hand the number of friends I'd calibrate as life long as, much like most things in life, quality will always reign over quantity. Interestingly enough I find it harder to make lasting friendships now that I'm older, however, this could definitely be attributed to the fact that I keep mostly to myself, and, contrary to most people's first assessment of me, I am pretty shy.

In co mingling memories of both birthdays and friends I find none so poignant as that which is pictured above. If there was ever a time I felt celebrated by those who love me my 36th birthday was it. I recall sitting amongst them at the table, each of them taking turns reciting what they loved most about me while I dissolved in a copious amount of tears. It was perhaps one of the most touching displays of true friendship I have ever experienced. While I remain sisterly-close to two of these women the rest are still within reach. I have perhaps just reminded myself that it is I who am responsible for nurturing and cultivating past (and future) relationships just as much as others are, and that reaching out to these amazing women is long overdue.

My life has been, and will continue to be, definined in many ways but no rendition ever compared to those of the friendships I've shared.

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Essentially Me :

Friends really do make life (and birthdays) easy to get through.

Britt :

I've missed you too!

I agree - all the friends that have come and gone or stayed in my life, they've all made huge impacts on my heart and who I am. I'm glad you have such a good supportive group you can call on.

TC :

This makes me miss my best friend a lot. A LOT. I'm glad you recognize that you've had amazing friendships, and what it takes to keep them going.

I trust you'll be seeing all these ladies for your 40th?

rubytuesdays :

That's such a gorgeous post! It sounds like you have wonderful friends and I hope you have a lovely birthday! *hug*

Sara :

Happy Birthday. It sounds like you have a lot to celebrate.

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts :

You were reading my mind girl! I post today was about friendship as well.

Diane Mandy :

Beautiful post. People always ask me what I miss most about living in the U.S. Of course, the answer is my FRIENDS! What would we do without them

Mandy :

This post makes me miss my long distance best friends.

Frank :

That was beautiful. I wish I had a birthday that was so memorable (in a good way)...but alas I am young, hopefully that will change.

GirlGoyle :

Happy birthday! It's good to know that in tough times and not so tough times you have solid friendships to lean on. That certainly is an accomplishment to celebrate.

Katelin :

love this post and love having friends like the ones you talk about. always the best kind to have :)

KennethSF :

That's amazing! Some people come to the same realization only when it's too late to do anything about it. I think you should have a reunion and post an updated photo with your fellow journeyers.

KennethSF :

Oh, by the way, if you are desperate for an excuse to initiate contact, just tell them a regular reader of your blog (that would be me) thinks the mischievous one who was making the bunny ears behind you looked like Katie Couric.

angel, jr. :

Friends are part of the best things in life.

Princess Pointful :

Beautiful words. You should email your friends this post!!