No Looking Back

I keep getting these absurd e-mails from my high school thanking me for my participation at my 20th reunion last month. Why Absurd? I wasn't there. Yeah......makes me really grateful I'm donating X amount every year to support such a stellar administrative team.
Speaking of absurdity, it is definitely such to think I would ever willingly attend anything to do with my high school let alone a reunion. Needless to say I didn't have the most illustrious high school career. The same architect that built San Quentin prison built my high school and much like a prisoner I spent most of my four year tenure planning my escape. On many days you could find me not in my 6th period English class but on the sandy beaches that called to me once the mercury hit 80. The funny thing was I did well in school. I suppose my ability to bullshit started early.

It didn't help that I started 9th grade in what my parents lovingly refer to as my *awkward phase.* Puh-lease......that's juts a kind synonym made to make dorks like me feel better about themselves. I had the whole 80's thing going for me and it didn't help that I idolized Madonna. I mean, I wasn't completely unfortunate but to look back at that freshman photo is just plain painful. (see photo: me circa 1985) Evolution proved to be kind as sophomore the braces came off as did those few extra pounds and I, dare I say, was fairly hot. My improvement in the looks department did nothing for my still sputtering self esteem and I, other then joining the cheerleading squad, still remained quiet and kept mostly to myself. The last two years I dated someone in college and nixed all things high school related all together so I lost what little affinity I had. All in all I stayed on the periphery, always on the outside looking in, and although I made a few close friends I never cultivated those keep-them-forever-till-you-die BFF's so many talk about when reminiscing about their four years of glory.

I don't miss my youth and I have no interest in revisiting it by way of a reunion with people even day-glow name tags couldn't help me recognize. I have little desire to bond with the myriad of cliques that, back in the day, did nothing except amplify my inferiority complex. I never gravitated toward any particular social group preferring instead to float amongst them pretending not to care that I just didn't fit in. They were the circles to my square and hurt. Am I bitter? No, not really. It sometimes makes me sad that I didn't have those memorable experiences some did, then again my idea of success isn't aligned with those who peaked in the 10th grade. I digress......

I am happy the majority of my best years came both later in life and are yet to come - but you'd never have been able to convince my 15 year old self that were the case. Yes, it would have been amazing to win that most coveted popularity contest or be sent the most roses on Valentine's Day but it just didn't happen that way. I am so grateful for the life I've created for myself and feel even more gratification for overcoming the once seemingly insurmountable hurdles high school posed. In keeping with my theme of *Living Forty Fabulously* I am keeping my eyes on the future and have no urge to deviate.

Have you been to your high school reunion and if so how did it go? If not are you planning on going or choosing to rebel like yours truly?

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Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts :

My high school days were not the best either. I was not the popular, cool one that ran with the in crowd. But it was OK.

I did go to my 20th reunion about 3 years ago and had an OK time. I will not go to the next reunion however. I'm done.

Mandy :

I didnt go to my ten year earlier this year and I'm not sorry. I really have no desire to go and rehash all the good ol' days with people I havent spoken to in a decade. I keep in touch with most of the people I want to via facebook.

PinkPiddyPaws :

I totally feel ya babe! My 20th would be this year, actually and wild horses couldn't drag me. I HATED High School. Hated with a passion of the fiery depths of Hell. My mom moved me into a new HS halfway through my 10th grade year and I was never accepted in the po'dunk place.

Funny thing... I've had TWO HS people find me on Facebook and request "friend" status. I actually did for one reason -- I look GREAT (now..ha.ha.) and I want them to see that. *snort* is that bad??


TC :

I keep in touch with the people from high school that I want to. I have no reason to attend a reunion and have to put up with all those I don't want to.

KennethSF :

I went to school in Asia, so going to the reunion means flying 8,000 miles away across the international dateline. It's something I've seriously considered. Now that I don't feel the need to prove anything to anybody, I won't mind seeing once more the class bullies and the popular kids to find out how they turn out. In fact, I'm curious to know what happened to my high school sweetheart.

ian in hamburg :

I went to my 10th and had a blast, missed the 20th because I was living overseas and in the middle of moving again, missed the 30th because I found out about it too late. Would love to have gone, though. Reunions are just like the good ol' days only with one big difference: you'll hang out with and avoid the same people, but lie to everyone the same when you say: we *must* keep in touch...

Ann(ie) :

My 20 yr reunion is in June and I will be busy giving birth. dangit. Can't attend. ;)

Princess in Galoshes :

I had a similar high school experience... minus ever being hot or dating a college guy. It was miserable, I am happy I survived it because life got so much better afterwards.

My husband is one of the rare few who enjoyed high school and went on to have an awesome time in college and post-college as well. We still hang out with a bunch of his high school friends, and to be honest, they annoy the crap out of me. They just like to rehash high school over and over. I DON'T CARE. It wasn't fun. Hence, why I have never had any interest in going to my high school reunions.

ella :

I got really shit faced at my 10 yr reunion. No desire to go to the 20th.

Frank :

I have absolutely no desire to go to any high school reunion of mine, even though I've only been out 4 years. I already have no one left from high school that I talk to...the only reason I have any high school people as friends on Facebook is just to see how fat/bald they've gotten.