Open To Suggestion.....

In my infinite spare time I caught part of yesterday's episode of Ellen and Dr. Wayne Dyer was on touting the importance of NOT making New Years Reslutions. Sigh. If only I had watched that episode the week BEFORE New years as after my pronouncement of *Living Forty Fabulously* as my one and only resolution I am now faced with the daunting task of living up to my royal request. Yes, I suppose I can listen to Dr. Dyer and quantify this now infamous blunder however I choose, but I am not one to shirk away from any form of self imposed challenge.

So here's where I start my diatribe on how bettering myself will change the world as I know not into it lemme tell you....but I will say I am going to try and I need your help.

I need you, dear freaders, to help me figure out what *Living Forty Fabulously* should encompass. Yes, I have my own list of cliche's that include every synonym of well being I could find in this little princess brain of mine but I am looking for something a little outside the box; something that will push me to live my fortieth year to the fullest. Perhaps it is here that I need insert that I am not open to sky-dying...yes you read that it paranoia but princess enjoys circumventing the globe in planes not jumping out of them. As if......

So bring it on. I am open to all suggestions and will list my personal fav's next time. I also promise to chose a few that I aspire to attain and will keep you abreast of my progress.

* Big day is March 8th....

7 tell it like it is:

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts :

I'd say go on vacation to a place you have never been before. Somewhere exciting.

Join a social group with women your age with similar interests.

Do more volunteer work perhaps.

When I think of more I will come back and post them. My brain is dead right now and I can't think of anything else.

PinkPiddyPaws :

A bucket list? really, isn't that what this is?

I think you should remember the small things that you may not have done.

Like.. a picnic in your living room with the hubby.. NAKED! hee..hee..

TC :

I think you should say no more to those "obligations" you don't want to attend. And to people who want help from you, but so rarely return the favor.

I also think you should say yes more to those things you want to do more of. Vacationing, hanging out with friends, family members, etc. Say yes to everything you have ever wanted to do, but never had the courage to do - karaoke, skydiving, whatever.

That's living 40 fabulously I think.

LaiLani Ali :

Make a to-do list. Make it big, but fill it with fun little things.

for example:
milk a cow
see a freak show
attend "mooning amtrak"
meet up with other bloggers
sing at karaoke
plant a garden
take a road trip
go to a renn faire

Fun and living fabulously doesn't have to be complicated. That's why it's FUN!

Princess Pointful :

Travel to places that never occurred to you within your own country... like random little weekend trips. You never know what amazing things you can find in your own backyard!!

Frank :

Go streaking!

(if you haven't done that already...)

LK :

You ABSOLUTELY must go on a trip! Not just any old trip, one that is so luxurious and so fabulous that you'll never forget it. Within reason, of course :-)

Personally, I recommend Hawaii. And not just Honolulu (although that's pretty awesome and you should stay at the Royal Hawaiian). Try Maui, like maybe Kihei or Hana. Someplace kind of remote so that you can truly enjoy the relaxation and beauty. There's this place called Anya's House that books up quickly and has a totally open outdoor shower. SO cool. Info here: