Resolute in 2009

SO it's 2009 and I hope all of you had a great onset to the New Year. Myself? I spent it in my pajamas and fell asleep perilously close to the midnight hour, however, I woke up in time to celebrate with Dick Clark then fell asleep for good. Jealous? Yeah...I thought so.

So what's your New years resolution(s)? I usually cop out on the old tried and true but I have actually thought of one worthy time. Le sigh. It's good to be so important....No seriously, I think it will keep me inspired throughout the year as it's general enough to encompass many different disciplines but specific enough to have the focal point be My New Years resolution is to Live Forty Fabulously! Yes, tis true that princess has a tres' ginormous b-day on the horizon and she intends to live her next 40 better then her first. I've gotten a good head start as I am still working with my trainer twice a week, going to pilates regularly and doing my best to keep healthy. I need to keep myself in the mindset of continually being motivated and inspired by life itself and try my best not to sweat the small stuff. Easier said then done but dare I say I am ready for the challenge.

After all of the drama last year held I am keeping the hope alive that this year brings about stability and inspiration for us all by way of economic, political, domestic and foreign change. I admit I didn't vote for Obama but I am a gajillion percent behind our new president-elect and wish him every success imaginable. I am among the masses who lost quite a bit due to the capitulation of the stock market but I am ever so grateful that I have a home, loving family and amazing friends.

So once again tell me your resolution so I can hold you accountable.....I will be haunting all of your blogs to make sure you're on the path of enlightenment. Ahhh....It's good to be me.

13 tell it like it is:

Britt :

I don't really do new years resolutions, but my goal this year is finishing my Half Ironman in 8 hours. So alas, the training continues.

(don't feel bad - I went to sleep at 10 on new years!)

TC :

I like the idea of you cyberhaunting us, but alas, I do not make resolutions. I know that I don't follow them.

I didn't go to bed early, but I stayed in. Watched movies, made homemade pizza and played 80s triviail pursuit with my best friend. It was a nice, quiet night.

Mandy :

Happy New Year! I didnt really make any resolutions, but I do have a few things I plan on keeping in mind throughout the year.

GirlGoyle :

Well your New Year resolution sounds attainable. I have long given up making resolutions because 3 months into the year I've already forgotten what they were. Maybe one should be to take things with a little philosophy. After all we all follow a path designed for us so why stress over it?

Frank :

I'm giving up sobriety and abstinence this year as a resolution.

KennethSF :

I'm sorry to hear you fell victim to the stock market's tumble. Your strength and wisdom are evident in how you've chosen to focus on your family and life rather than the balance of your portfolio.

My New Year resolution is to find someone to liplock with at midnight next New Year Eve ;-)

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts :


I don't usually make resolutions because I never keep them passed week 2 so what's the point? lol

Tova Darling :

I'm a slacker who never makes resolutions. Maybe next year...

Rosemarie :

This year's focus is.. Just Moi! I'm single and now is my time to be selfish so.. here I go!

Happy 'belated' New Year!

Sara :

This year I am going to work at being the friend that I want to be. I don't know if that makes sense, but it is where my heart is.

dmarks :

I avoided resolutions this year.

B :

I will compete July 11 in a fitness show

Happy New Year

Big Pissy :

Happy New Year! :)

I don't make resolutions anymore. ;-)