Feel Your Boobs!

This post is dedicated to all of YOU who sent me well wishes these last few days. Your comments and e-mails lifted my spirits and helped me endure so many hours of uncertainty. In the aftermath of such enormous emotional upheaval I am left in a constant state of gratitude. You hear how heath scares alter one's outlook on life.....well I am proof that this phenomenon prevails.

If there's one thing I am left with it is the absolute certainty that I am one of the lucky ones. I am blessed beyond measure as the minutia of all the negativity I was carrying around pales in comparison to being told I am healthy. I realize I am still reeling and that my behavior is very much a product of my elation, however, I hope to always posses some semblance of graciousness for all that I have. Likewise, it is imperative that I bring to all of you the early warning signs of potential breast cancer. I found my lump doing a self exam so I urge you to examine yourself monthly so you can become familiar with your own breasts. Alternatively, you could entrust a certain someone with the responsibility of marking potential change. Go ahead, ask! I don't know much but I'm certain your significant others won't refuse this request! Trust me when I say you will be able to determine idiosyncrasies in breast tissue if you are accustomed to having/giving yourself monthly exams. Admittedly, I didn't give this much credence as I never knew what an abnormality felt like, but once I became familiar with my own body I was immediately able to notice a change.

There still exists the possibility of having to remove my tumor as it could pose problems in the future, however, I am keenly aware that I face none of the struggles I was bracing myself for. Thanks, again for your support and please, please, please be adamant about checking your own breasts - the life you save could be your own.

6 tell it like it is:

Sassafras :

I need to mark it on my calendar or something because I never remember to do it.

Thanks for the PSA!

TC :

I'm definitely bad at it. I need to remember to do this.

I'm glad that you're one of the lucky ones!

artemisia :

I am so glad the news is good.

brookem :

aww honey- what an ordeal to go through. im so glad you're okay. thank you for the reminder... we all need to feel up our boobs once in a while for this type of thing!

ella :

Oh YAY! I am glad all is okay.

akaron :