Germ Warfare

It seems simplistic to ask people to wash their hands both after using the restroom and when they have a cold, but you'd be surprised at the percentage who don't. Eerie huh?

It makes me wonder how I got this nasty chest cold......but do I really want to know? I've been traveling this past week and I'm sure I picked this up somewhere along the way. As I sit here about to hack up a lung I ask you, do you wash your hands when you're sick? Honestly, I don't remember to as much as I should so I'm guilty as charged...but I definitely wash them after using the restroom.

How about you?

Be honest...

15 tell it like it is:

Mandy :

YES!!! And I carry hand sanitizer in my bag and use it frequently!

The Passionate Book Worm :

Yes, I try to because being sick is awful! If I can prevent it, I will. I also carry sanitizer around.

Britt :

I'm obsessive compulsive about it because of my job. I'm surrounded by germs all the time and it's so disgusting so I'm a big huge hand washer. And that purell stuff. Magic I tell ya.

Feel better!

Frank :

I'm a bit of a I ALWAYS wash my hands, regardless of if I'm sick or not.

TC :

I try, but I think I wouldn't have skin left sometimes if I washed my hands after EVERY kleenex :)

K :

Ya, it scares me. What really irks me? Mothers who allow their little kids to leave the bathroom without washing their hands. Cmon now!!!

sour :

yes!! i've become a hand-washing fanatic since i started working at a tattoo shop...and it's no ten second deal either, i wash sometimes for an entire two minutes!
like K, i go bananas if i see parents not forcing their kids to wash their hands in public washrooms. GROSS!!!

Katelin :

i prefer the gel stuff instead of washing my hands, but sometimes i do both, i am a germ freak too. and yet, like you, i'm sick right now too, ugh.

Queen of the Mayhem :

I am a washer and a hand sanitizer! I work with want to talk about germs!

Wendy :

Have you ever noticed in public bathrooms, the federally mandated sign that says, "Employees must wash hands before returning to work." Don't you just want to cross out employees, and write EVERYONE!

I'm a public defender, frequently visiting prisons - hand sanitizers are the best thing since sliced bread!

angel, jr. :

I use sanitizer and I wash my hands a lot. Especially before and after I eat.

Fiona :

HI there ... popping over from Blogher -- definitely a hand washer here!

Amber :

I can honestly say I wash my hands EVERY time. Unless I'm in a really big hurry, but even then I usually still wash them. I work with kids, so it's very important -- as you already know! :)

artemisia :

Oh, man. I wash my hands constantly. Touched with a bit of OCD, I am...

disa :