Grace In Small Things

At the risk of sounding cliche' gratitude is paramount to maintaining perspective. Even now, as I'm feeling a bit down, I struggle to find objectivity in everyday life - but I'm going to try. Taking a cue from this site I am attempting to single out a few things I can be grateful for today. Here goes:

  • Southern California winters are tres' mild - it was 78 yesterday
  • Maxi dresses are in style - perfect for *fat* days
  • My nephew thinks I am amazing
  • An entire bag of Pop chips has only 350 calories
  • My trainer is cute
  • 31 days until my birthday - I'm still here
  • My DVR is full
  • Diet coke with lime
What are you grateful for today?

15 tell it like it is:

Britt :

Waking up next to T
The beautiful sunrise
My cycle trainer (means I get to cycle inside!)


W T G :

My 3am runs on a beach devoid of a living soul, copious amounts of Diet Dr. Pepper (nectar of the Gods) surfing before most venture out, hiking to my favorite spot with pen & parchment to jot down random thoughts and poetry and re-runs of Three's Company !

How's that? CHEERS !

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts :

My health
I have a job and a roof over my head
My sense of freedom
I am so thankful for so many things.....

TC :

It's been sunny for three days in a row
The temps are supposed to get above freezing today!!!!
My laptop
Phone calls from friends who live far away
How excited my niece and nephew are to see me

sassafras :

My baby kicking inside me.
A job.
A husband whom I adore and who adores me.
My health.

Amber :

78 degrees sounds lovely... I'm so jealous.

Jess :

I'm grateful for my blog, and the incredibly supportive community that surrounds it.

LaiLani Ali :

Having a great job.
Living at the beach.
My toy poodle.
Friends who love me and know how to show it.
My car runs like a dream.
Heated seats in said car for the not so mild days when it's 50 degrees.

PinkPiddyPaws :

I always, always try to find the positive. Really I do. Even when I'm sad. :)

And you are KILLING me with the 78 degree thing. Augh!!!! It was 17 here this morning. I'm freezing!!!

Katelin :

oh i love the so cal winters...until it rains like today, boo.

Frank :

78 degrees!?!


It was a mild 14 here this morning.

chasinglibby :

that i made it to work on time fo rmy first day!!

Kimberly :

Cool post...thanks for the link too. I have been trying to work on having a more positive outlook lately simple but so easy to forget!!!!
Some things I'm thankful for today... beautiful weather, running into friends at dinner tonight, getting a magazine in the mail, Coke, brownies, and my husband :)

Ally :

That the sun came out today and that it was warm enough for a walk

Only working two hours today



Good health

Time alone

Daddy's Boo Portraits :

I'm grateful & thankful that I made it to 2009. 2008 wasn't looking so good. Love your blog!