The Greatest Love of All

There is no greater love then to love oneself. It is perhaps the hardest quest yet by far the most rewarding. Without loving who and what we are it is virtually impossible to love another. So even if you have that special someone to share wet sloppy kisses and candy hearts with please join me in recognizing the greatest love of all; self love. Snackie began this tradition three years ago and I am following her lead.
In keeping with this annual shin-dig, I'd like to share a few things I love about ME!

  • I'm compassionate beyond measure
  • I have a huge heart
  • I always try to see the best in people
  • When I say I love you I mean it
  • I love with abandon
  • I'm generous to a fault

Now it's your turn. What do you love about yourself? Don't be shy!

9 tell it like it is:

Ann(ie) :

Good list, sugar!!!

Here's what I love about me:

I love that I have the nerve to say stuff to people's face if I have something to say.

I love how much I nurture and treasure friendship, but I can weed out the people not worthy pretty quickly anymore.

I love my loyalty to others.

I love my conviction.


sassafras :

What a great idea!

I love that I care about people.

I love that I am a good listener.

I love my attention to detail.

K :

Love Love Love this idea!

I love my generosity.
I love my heart.
I love my loyalty!

Larissa :

I love my nurturing personality, my intuition and my love for people.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Diane Mandy :

I love the way you think!

Krys :

I love your blog!! The pinkness is captivating!!!

Great post!!!!!!!!

Princess Pointful :

What a perfect time of year to be focusing on love for oneself, too,
I love my dimple and my creativity.

TC :

Self love is the hardest thing of all for me. Good for you.

KennethSF :

I love that I'm not afraid to make a fool of myself in the name of fun.