Miss Manners is M.I.A.

People scare me. No...seriously, the things they do never cease to amaze me. This is where I tell you that these people are so vile that I would never associate let alone befriend them, right? Wrong. This is where I sheepishly admit that I'm calling out my own peeps. Before you start in on what a savage bitch I am let me tell you that what I say to you here is no revelation to said friend as I've relished all these lovely details on her already, k?

So we're sitting outside yesterday afternoon as it's nearly 82 degrees in January and hello? who sits inside on a day like that? Well, I was in the midst of a long diatribe about my recent blood screen as some levels came back perilously close to unhealthy so, as you can imagine, I was having my own private pity party. I mean first the recession and then my blood levels? But I digress...ah yes, we were sitting there enjoying the sound of my voice scenery, my story just about to reach pivotal proportions and bam she whips out her phone and begins to dial...as in talk to the hand but instead of the hand there's a pretty pink razor in my face. I just sat there, my mouth agape with that are-you-fucking-kidding-me-I-can't-even-believe-you-just-did-that
look upon my face. SO. Freaking. Uncool. I just sat there and stared at her while she finished dialing until she looked up with that look of wide eyed innocence and asked if I was okay. Ummm...hi...you did not just ask me that did you? I told her how rude she was and she apologized, put the phone back and asked me to continue. Nah. Moment ruined. I just said no worries (I lied) and moved on.

Am I the only one who sees this as a merely symptom of what's wrong with the human race? Are we all so self-important that we need our cell phones at our disposal in the midst of interpersonal conversation? Evidently so. I mean, I use my cell just like the rest of us but never have I blatantly interrupted face to face dialogue to make a call. Call me old fashioned but I think doing that is sign language for F-off.

I mean really, next time just tell me I'm boring.

10 tell it like it is:

Mandy :

Yeah that was rude. Plain and simple.

TC :

85?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Wow.

I've been known to text in the middle of conversations, and even I know that's rude. I've still done it.

Britt :

Ya, guilty as charged, I text and talk at the same time. It's annoying. It's rude. I know these things. Apparently not enough to stop doing it. Although, credit to me, I really wouldn't have done it in a serious discussion - especially a health related one.

Diane Mandy :

Your friend is rude. Wow!

Kristen :

wow. that was rude. i've never done that. i try to mind my manners. :)

Sara :

I could not agree more! Cell phones give us the opportunity to talk to whoever we are not with while ignoring the people who are in front of us. It is beyond rude.

Marissa :

That is HORRIBLE!!!!!! I can't even fathom doing that, or having that done to me. I think it's bad enough when people don't look you in the eye when you're talking to them, but this...this is disgraceful!

Mama Kelly :

I think rude is an understatement hun. I hope she realizes what a "B" she was at that moment.

I am sorry to hear that your blood levels arent good and I hope you are holding up ok.

I love and miss you and think of you often even if I am usually too busy to call.

Amber :

Wow, that is really rude! I'm so glad you called her out on it!

LaiLani Ali :

My best friend/roomie cannot have a conversation with a live human in person alone. She must be on her laptop or on her phone at all times when having a convo. Also, she doesn't really make eye contact when she's talking to people. I have no idea what that's about, but when I yell at her for being a freak about it, she just texts someone. Meh. Whatareyagonnado?