V Day or D Day?

I have a conditioned response to Valentine's Day. Even two weeks out I am beginning to feel the inevitable let down that transpires every February 14th. While I know much of my perception isn't reality based they say perception is everything so where does that leave me?

I think my cupid phobia began somewhere around grade school. I recall liking a particular boy and, being that it was around Valentine's Day, wanting a coveted Valentine from him. I already knew that I was going to create a fabulous card of my own and my plan was to present it to him before school. The day came and somehow the opportunity never arose to approach him before class so I waited until recess. Breath held, I marched up and bestowed upon him my pretty pink treasure. It is around this time that Valentine's Day, as I knew it, would forever be changed. For instead of reciprocating with one of his own, he proceeded to show his buddies, share an evil laugh and walk away. My little 8 year old heart would never be the same.

And so it began that Valentine's Day was evil.

High school only perpetuated this awareness. It came in the form of a flower exchange where students could send roses to other students. Anticipation of this cruel and unusual annual V-Day tradition nearly killed me as I knew no matter how much I wished none would come bearing my name. And as others around me giggled at the number of boys who sent them flowers I pretended not to care that my predictions had, as expected, come to fruition. What's really tragic is that I actually considered sending myself something so I wouldn't look so pathetic. Sigh. My 13 year old heart would never be the same.

And so it remained that Valentine's Day was evil.

After graduating college I became serious with a guy. I was completely enamoured by him and just as they say, love is blind, so was I. He ran a restaurant so I chalked up his nightly drinking to socializing and schmoozing. It wasn't until Valentine's Day when he proceeded to get falling down drunk, voice all of his misgivings about me and our relationship and throw up on his dinner plate that I saw there might be a problem. Instead of hearts and flowers I got tears and insults. My 23 year old heart would never be the same.

And so it is that Valentines Day is evil.

You may wonder why, at 39, I still find Valentine's Day so unappealing. After all there have been positive experiences, but scars of yesteryear prevail over the roses and romance I later came to know. I've learned along the way that expectations surrounding Valentine's Day accrue nothing more then disappointment.

While I may be the Valentine equivalent of Scrooge I still love a good romance.....I'll just celebrate it the other 364 days of the year.

8 tell it like it is:

TC :

I hate V day, mostly because I think it's so fake and false. I'd rather be shown for 364 days that I'm loved than just one.

Britt :

Agreed. I hate V-day. T and I have agreed not to celebrate. We're watching a movie instead :)

Frank :

I hate Valentine's Day. I consider myself a romantic person at times, but big red hearts and overly sappy cards are just too over the top for me.

ella :

The best V Day I had was when my then Bfriend and I went to dinner at Fatburger. It was awesome.

rubytuesdays :

I had the same V Day experience as an 8 year old that you did...it sucked. *hug*

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts :

I'm not a big fan of valentines day either. I, too, was one of those girls in high school that wished so badly for a rose to be delivered to me in class like the other girls but I never, ever got one. I was so disappointed.

Although I got ver that and don't have any misgivings about valentines day I am just ambivalent to it.

Amber :

Ha! I loved this post!
I have to agree with everyone here too. I am also a member of the "Valentine Scrooges Club"!
Holidays where it is socially unacceptable to stay in really irritate me.

disa :

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