It's All Downhill From Here...

Another birthday gone done in infamy - 40's officially hit and I'm feeling more alive and vital then I did at 30. Funny how that happens....

Cliche' as it sounds this birthday was particularly moving as those who love me made an effort to make me feel special. It seemed I celebrated all weekend begining with a birthday lunch at Javier's in Newport Beach. I'd been here before and loved it so coming back was a treat. Afterwards we enjoyed the beautiful weather while doing some shopping and ended the day with a relaxing dinner and movie.

My Mom flew in the following day making my actual birthday all the more special. I picked her up at the airport and as we made our way home, unbeknownst tome, some birthday elves were making themselves very busy. Walking in the door I was met with pink balloons, pink roses, pink stramers and signs and impeccably wrapped pink presents with a tiara atop the largest. In case I wasn't feeling particularly loved this happened to kickstart my heart into overdrive! I relished every moment of opening my amazing presents (think this, this & this to name just a few!) and just when I thought I had finished in comes a very pink cake with a flickering 40th birthday candle! As I made my wish I thought how very blessed I am to be surrounded by people who so obviously love and truly cherish me.

Since my Mom had just flown in that afternoon we decided to stay in that night opting instead to dine out the following evening. So after a day of mani's, pedi's and hair we went out and thoroughly enjoyed dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in Newport Beach. We had an esquitie dinner and enjoyed ourselves immensely. It was a perfect end to a trio of celbratory days and I can't recall the last time I felt so indulgent.

If this is turning 40 I look forward to 50!

15 tell it like it is:

Fiona :

Perfect! i'm so happy that is was a great birthday!

TC :

I sure hope you never get sick of pink! ;)

Sounds like a wonderful day: I'm so glad.

SoMi's Nilsa :

40 is the new 25. Work it, girl!

Britt :

Sounds fabulous! You got spoiled :)

Katelin :

glad it was a perfect birthday!

Mama Kelly :

Glad your birthday was so wonderful!!! All the goodies and attention Im sure took the edge off hitting the big 4-0. Wish me luck in 3 months when I hit mine.

Frank :

You got an iPhone AND an iPod Touch??

That must have been the best birthday ever. I'm usually not big on birthday presents, but I do enjoy the occasional electronic gadget from time to time ;)

Kimberly :

Happy Birthday! I turned 30 this year and I have to say I am liking it a lot better than my 20s so far. Here's to only getting better with time! :)

Marissa :

that sounds WONDERFUL!!! Happy birthday to you. :)

Ally :

Happy birthday!! What an awesome celebration...and how fabulous that you truly felt cherished. Sounds like a perfect day. I'm glad it was so special.

B :

Happy Be lated Birthday!! it's just a number girl!!

Kimberly :

I am glad to hear that you had a wonderful birthday! I can only hope that I am as sassy as you are someday!!!

La Petite Chic :

I love that everything was pink! Sounds like you had a fabulous birthday :)

ella :

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! I am so behind on my blogger reading since work has been kicking my butt.

Sounds like you had a wonderful time!


Mike S :

Happy Belated B'Day from me as well. I'd REALLY look forward(?) to fifty, especially as it's so long in the past;)