Princess Turns 40!

It's official - I'm 40!

18 tell it like it is:

Britt :

Happy birthday!! I hope it's a fantastic one :)

Ann(ie) :

Happy Bday girl!!! I'm not far behind you. What are you doing for your bday????

TC :

Happy birthday!!! Enjoy 40 :)

Princess of the Universe :

Happy Birthday!!

The Casual Perfectionist :

Happy Birthday!!

The New Black :

Happy Birthday! Hope you do something fun!!

Fiona :

Happy Birthday! Enjoy!

Jessica :

Happy birthdayyyy!

Princess in Galoshes :


KennethSF :

Congratulations! I have a year's head start on this. I can tell you life is so much richer from this point on.

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts :

Happy birthday girl!!!!!

Larissa :

Happy Birthday, Princess!!! Hope 40 is awesome for you!

Frank :


Happy birthday!

Still lookin' good ;)

Kristen :

Happy birthday!

Katelin :

happiest of happy birthdays!

Mandy :

Happy Birthday!

chasinglibby :

happy belated birthday!!!! thanks for the suggestion about the blog template, i'm considering a few that have been thrown out there!

Amber :

Happy Birthday!!!