So you said....

The best thing I heard today?

"But you don't look 40...."

The worst thing I heard today?

"You owe capital gains taxes on all the money you lost in the stock market..."

What's the best/worst thing you heard today?

5 tell it like it is:

TC :

How can you owe money for money you lost?!?!?! Now I'm panicked 'bout filing my taxes!!!!!

The Passionate Book Worm :

Best thing- 100 % on my exam
Worst thing- It's going to snow tonight

Fiona :

I have good news for you, whoever told you that is wrong! You don't have any capital gains if you lost money, in fact you should be able to deduct the losses... even better news!

Britt :

Best thing - It's 5:00! (and fake friday for me today)
Worst thing - Lady storming out of my chair because she was mad about the info I gave her on her insurance. (not really a "hear" more of a witness..)

Blondie :

Yes you can in fact owe cap gains if you lost money - especially if you are in mutual funds.

Best thing? TGIF

Worst thing? I think the clam chowder is bad (after I just ate a whole bowl)