Soliciting City

I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that in the last week I've had roughly five people solicit my house for various services. While that may not be extraordinary in another neighborhood it is unheard of here where my *No Soliciting* sign and adjacent gate generally let people know ahead of time that I'm not interested. Not that I'm being bitchy...I just usually know that I wont be interested in the Vacuum that doubles as a jump rope or the gajillion magazine subscriptions I'll never read. But if you're selling Girl Scout cookies......

Seriously, there's been a marked increase in the number of house calls I've received. As well, the cast of characters are not the usual door-to-door salesman meets Harry Krishna type. Several days ago I answered the door only to come face to face with an impeccably dressed gentleman in his early 50's who, after getting over the initial shock of finding me in my pajamas at 2PM, proceeded to launch into a diatribe about various investment options. Before I could let the poor man know about my illicit affair with Charles Schwabb he flashed his card, handed me a pamphlet and scurried off to the next house. Glancing at his card I took note of his name and it was a good thing that I did as two days later I received a thank you note from said gentleman thanking me for my time. This wasn't your random proselytizing freak but clearly a man who believes that, in this dire economy, desperate times call for desperate measures.

And you know what? I respect that.

But that's besides the point.

Fact is I'm finding more and more individuals going back to basics and soliciting themselves and their services door-to-door as waiting for the phone to ring isn't cutting it any longer. Just in the last few days I've had investment man, a representative from the American Lung Cancer Association, Merry Maids, Various Handymen and two arborists stop by and either ask for donations or offer services. While I don't like the blatant disregard for my *No Soliciting* sign I empathize with their plight of needing to make ends meet. Hence, I don't chew off their head and ask if English is their first language when I answer the door and realize there's no Girl Scout cookies in sight.

It's definitely a sign of the times. Maybe I should change my sign to *Good Luck*

10 tell it like it is:

Mandy :

I live on a big hill so this usually deters door to door people. Unfortunately even the Girl Scouts.

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts :

I understand their need for trying to make a buck these days but it would totally tick me off if they were to blatantly disregard my "No Soliciting" sign.

egan :

I've noticed the same thing and I'm so torn. I know it's cheaper to send people door to door to sell stuff, but it's also risky for me to open the door to a complete stranger.

Marissa :

Wow that's really interesting. It certainly is a sign of the times. I haven't had that yet, but then again, I live in an apartment in NY. But it may not be too far off for us here either...

Sharon :

I find this really irritating because they never believe me when I say that I work from home and I'm working righ tnow. Or sometimes they start off with "I'm not selling anything." Then they go into a spiel/pitch disguised as a survey or something.

Frank :

A vacuum cleaner that doubles as a jumprope? I'll take 50!

ruby :

I just miss Girl Scout cookies honestly, Canadian Girl Guide cookies are ok but they do NOT compare to Thin Mints!

KennethSF :

Another sign of the time--a local newspaper that used to assign me articles recently asked if I'd be willing to write for no payment but for the recognition and the privilege of being published. (I said, "No, thanks!)

Ann(ie) :

wow...door to door is back? Certainly is a sign of the times, but respect the sign folks!!!! sheesh.

Amber :

That's a good idea.... I'm picturing your good luck sign all pink and pretty and positive! Put out the sign and don't answer the door! Ha!