Dog Wanted

The warm body next to you while you sleep. The feeling of 24/7 protection. Complete and utter unconditional love. Sound good? Yeah. Me too.....which is why I'm actually considering breaking down and getting a boyfriend dog.

I've always been a dog person and had them throughout my life. It's only been the last 15 years or so that I've been without one. So in love with my last dog was I that I named both my e-mail and company after his nickname; Bucalu. His real name was Sambuca; given because he was a black and white Dalmation of Italian (me, that is) dissent. Me. Loveth. Him.

So do I go for it and complicate my simple life with hair balls, slobber, piddle and kibble? Or do I sit in fastidious, yet lonely, complacency and marvel at how clean the house smells? Okay, so I know having a dog doesn't equate a stinky house but to those of you who actually have an animal I beg you to share with me the biggest pitfalls that lie in owning a pet. As much as I know them it's been a long time since I've had one and I'm overcome with all the cute, theoretical aspects of being a doggy mommy. But I'm in serous need of some semblance of balance here.

Lay it on.

10 tell it like it is:

Britt :

I'm not the one to talk you out of it because I'm dog starved too! I've had dogs my whole life and when I moved to University and beyond I've been dogless. T and I can't wait for a dog, but first we need a house. *sigh* I may live vicariously through you and your potential new doggie :)

Season :

I say definitely get a dog, but take the time to find out what kind of dog will fit your lifestyle. It's not something to rush into. And, since you've had a dog before, you know all the great things they bring to your life. Go for it!

Frank :

I grew up with cats...I'm really not a dog person, but my sister owns one and her house is usually pretty clean from what I can tell. Sorry I can't be much help :(

Mandy :

I have a Golden and I cannot imagine my life without a dog. The love and loyalty she gives our family, far out weigh any negative. Go for it!

TC :

I say go for it! :)

sassafras :

The only time I think life would be easier without a dog is when we travel but that happpens so infrequently. Other than that I can't imagine life without! You won't regret it and all those feelings will come back and you'll remember how great it is.

K :

I say go for it. Seriously he brightens my mood and really helps my depression. I couldnt live without Bacci.

Sharon :

I don't know you, so I can't say what you should do. But we got a dog from and love him to pieces. The best thing we did was get him professional training. He was already house and crate trained, but the professional help was invaluable.

We have a westie. If you want a dog who will constantly question your authority they're awesome.

Fiona :

I love my doggie but she is a LOT of work! Kids are sometimes easier than dogs!

Amber :

It can't hurt to look around. Start with the local shelters... you never know, maybe you will find your dream dog and save him in the mean time! When I was looking for Libby I was just waiting for that right pet and I finally found her! Now I cannot imagine life without her!