You Know It

You know you're getting old when:

  • You really DO need to read the instructions when messing with your new iTouch/iPhone
  • The oldies station consists of music from your days in high school
  • You refer to your 26 year old personal trainer as a"kid"
  • Glasses are your new best accessory
  • Bedtime hits before American Idol is over
  • You get your hair done every other month to avoid showing stray grays
  • You find yourself humming Seals and Croft tunes in the shower
  • Your on a first name basis with your cosmetic dermatologist

You know you've still got it when:

  • You look and feel better at 40 then you did at 30
  • Batting your eyes and smiling still works
  • Beach season doesn't scare you
  • You truly do look better with no make up
  • "But you don't look 40" is a now frequent catch phrase
  • Workouts invigorate, not intimidate, you
  • 12 years later your wedding dress is too big

What would YOU add?

11 tell it like it is:

Mandy :

I'm a late 20 something and I refer to people 21/22 and under as kids. Yay for still having it!

Britt :

I did bullets today's in the air.

Wedding dress too big? Holy moly girl! Well done :)

Amber :

This was cute! :)

I'm glad you're feeling so good!! I'm jealous you're near the beach, I've been itching for some sun, sand and surf!!

TC :

I call people older than me "kid" all the time :)

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts :

Ok, this is a great list because I can so relate to most of what's on both lists! I love it and so very true.

KennethSF :

Hey, I happen to think women with glasses are sexy. :-)

edina monsoon :

YOu know you're getting old start telling stories which start with the line " during our time..."

Marissa :

I love this! My boyfriend is younger than me and that alone makes me feel older all the time. He doesn't even know some of the songs or TV shows I grew up with. Drives me crazy! Makes me feel ancient. :)

Ally :

You've still got it still love sprinting and playing kickball; you're more comfortable with your body (even if it doesn't look as good as it did) than ever before because you realize that's not where your value is; and you went skating last night :)

Princess Pointful :

Three coolers over the course of an entire late night leaves you with a raging headache the next day. Don't even get me started on a few glasses of wine... sigh.

Happy happy belated birthday!! Sorry I've been such a horrible commenter lately!

123456789 :

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