Blatant Neglect

I truly think justice can, at times, be not only blind but moronic.

Last week a 25 year old woman came forward alleging she was brutally raped in a New York subway in 2005. When two men began making lewd advances toward her and became overtly aggressive she tried, to no avail, to alert two attendants working in the station. She says they blatantly ignored her pleas for help and neglected to call for back up until it was too late. By the time officers arrived at the scene she had been raped twice and left for dead.

What really irks me is that a judge, after hearing her argument, decided to throw out the case as opposed to let the two men stand trial for failing to act. While I understand they were not directly responsible for her rape I have to ask what could have been done had officers been called as soon as she alerted the men on duty. They clearly saw she was in dire need of help and failed to act on her behalf. Doesn't that make them somewhat responsible? Even if it's not clear cut shouldn't it be left to a jury to come to that conclusion and not be shafted by a judge before the case can even be heard?

I hear she and her attorneys are going to appeal and I hope she gets her day in court.

9 tell it like it is:

Britt :

Ugh! That's horrible.

Similar type case here. A girl was walking along a riverbed early in the morning and was attacked by a man, raped and then killed. The river is in near proximity to many houses and she screamed for help the whole time and no one came to help her or even called 911. They all testified they heard her but did nothing about it. How horrible!

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts :

This kind of thing makes my blood boil.

sassafras :

I agree. I mean, imagine going through the emotional trauma of being raped twice and then not have your day in court? Bull.

artemisia :

She definitely deserves her day in court. She is so brave.

Agreed, we need to start looking out for our neighbors. This is sickening.

Princess Pointful :

Despite knowing so much about the bystander effect, I still can't help but feel sick to see it in action. I wonder how these men can ever even justify it to themselves.

SoMi's Nilsa :

Stories like this are exactly why women are so hesitant to come forward in situations of rape and domestic violence. The idea that they will have to relive something so hurtful with great chances the perpetrators will not be punished? It breaks my heart. And I think we should hold the judges accountable for their inaction, too.

Frank :

The justice system here sucks a big one sometimes. More often than it should.

Ann(ie) :

OMG. OMG????? That makes me sick to my stomach. :( What the hell is wrong with people?

eva :

I can tell you aren't from NYC. I am.

The two MTA workers weren't police. They were people who work in a miserable subway station collecting toll money for about $8 an hour.

MORALLY could (or *should*) they have left their booth to help? Morally, yes, but I read the story you linked and the victim had her feet touched on the train so she left at one of the stops. When the harassers left with her, I am sure she was nervous. I would have tried to re-enter the train, but maybe that wasn't possible.

For the underpaid cashiers, it would have been RECKLESS for them to leave the safety of their booth. Clearly they called NYPD and in the ensuing 10 minutes before the cops arrived, she was raped twice and that's awful...BUT that was the work of the rapists (who have never been found).

It's a slippery slope when you write a blog to chastise transit workers (perhaps single moms, with children at home) for not putting themselves in harm's way. I am new to your blog so I have no idea what you do for a living, but if a crime was committed in YOUR work place and you chose not to put yourself in front of a bullet, should you be sued? Really??

The rapists committed an awful crime. The transit workers did not. The victim "wishes" they did more...and maybe the presence of another person would have resulted in the rapists overpowering the victim and killing her and the transit worker as well. Better result?

Good on the judge who was thinking clearly enough to not find criminal or actionable this frivilous accusation. The victim should THANK the workers for alerting 911. The RAPISTS should be punished within the penal system.

NEXT TIME, maybe transit workers should truly fear being blamed and sued and therefore turn a blind eye on people being abused in their workplace...? Shame on you for being so uninformed.