Back In the Throes

Almost two weeks away from my blog is an eternity or so it seems as so much has transpired yet I've been away and unable to update. I hope you are all doing your personal best and that Mother's Day found you healthy, happy and able to honor your Mother, yourself or both.

I returned Friday the 8th from a much needed respite spent in Palm Springs where the most difficult endeavors proved to be weather to shop, spend lazy days by the pool or simply indulge in spa treatments. Deciding to partake on varying days in all of the above I indulged in an epicurean week of total rest, relaxation, retail heaven and revitalization. So pleasurable was my experience that I'm headed back for part deaux in either June or July!

Needless to say I was grateful for the opportunity to unwind following so much emotional and physical upheaval regarding my Grandmother. While she continues to beat the odds and pull through each day she is unable to do the majority of simple, yet imperative, tasks such as feed herself, swallow whole foods, walk without assistance, carry a conversation and recognize familiar faces or surroundings with regularity. While I worry about her and her future my primary concern still lies with my Mother who is still coming to terms with the myriad of changes that have occurred over such a short period of time. In short, I don't know how well I'd cope if my own Mother went from vibrant to unrecognizable overnight. Nonetheless we are all grateful for each day she is with us as each of us has a new appreciation for life and those in it.

On another front I have happy news to report; my girlfriend who was in the process to adopt a newborn spent her first Mother's day the proud Mother of Gabriel Christian. My heart is overjoyed for both she and her husband as they are over the moon and settling in quite nicely to being new parents. While I admit I still have feelings of sadness around my own inability to experience such a situation, those feelings are far and few between and have not eclipsed my complete joy and excitement for her.

On that note I will bid's nice to be back in the throes of blog land and I look forward to catching up on all of your endeavors!

6 tell it like it is:

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts :

Oh the spa!!! I am seriously thinking about booking another spa day because I LOVED the last session last month! Oh my goondess!!!!!!

Congrats to your friend and her husband on their new addition. I love the kids!

Amber :

Welcome back! We've definitely missed you!!!!

Karen MEG :

Hello, you! I hope you're still doing okay.

I haven't been around in a while, we had our own really terrible winter with the sudden grave illness and then passing of my father. It is indeed such a shock to see a loved one go from vibrant, healthy to being so sick and helpless. We are all, especially my mother, still reeling. Although I must say she is the strongest of us all.

My heart just goes out to you and your mother as you're dealing with these changes for your grandmother.

Hugs to you....

Demon23... :

Good lord, how could I have been a way from a [b]very[/b] pink blog for so long...

Hey princess, this be the demon.
Just stopping in to say and that I am back.

Britt :

Where have you been my dear?

Hope all is still well!!

disa :

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