Hey, I'm Here

I can't believe it's July. It's been almost a half a year since my MS diagnosis and I'm still learning to live with the myriad of symptoms. As well, I've started a daily injection I give myself to help alleviate future "episodes." An Episode is comprised of waking with new symptoms not yet experienced whereas the majority of the time I just experience a fluctuation of the same symptoms.
To say life with MS is humbling is an understatement. One of my more frustrating symptoms is called drop toe and affects my right leg by making it physically difficult to lift and walk normally. Although subtle to the untrained eye it is very noticeable to me, especially when I clip my toe on the ground when I don't lift my foot high enough and fall forward. Not pretty.
All in all I'm learning to life with the daunting diagnosis and I try very hard to remain positive about the future and all the unknowns. I've even begun working out with a new trainer who is helping me maximize my current state by getting as healthy and fit as possible. It's safe to say I've a long raid ahead but I'm giving it my all and that's the best I can do.
As for blogging I've really missed the outlet and just having the ability to banter with myself. I could sit here and say I'll be better but then I'd just set myself up for failure so let's just say To Be Continued.....