Loss is Loss

My Grandma passed away two weeks ago. She was 99 - just six months shy of the century mark. What I find interesting is that 99.999 percent of the people I mention this to reply with the same sentiment that she at least lived a long life. While I agree with them as she did live a long, incredibly rich life, I don't find the thought particularly comforting as she is still gone. I, myself, have said such hyperbole to others in an effort to comfort and ease grief, however, being on the the receiving end is entirely different.
I've come to subscribe to the theory that the longer an individual is with you the harder it is to let them go. This is not to mitigate someone else's loss of a loved one who died prematurely it is simply a statement reflective of how my heart feels.
What say you?

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Accidentally Me :

Have you seen The Shawshank Redemption? There is a part at the end where Morgan Freeman is reminiscing about Tim Robbins and talks about knowing that someone is better off somewhere else, but how that still means that his life is that much less enjoyable without him (and noone died...he escaped from prison:-)) he finishes with "I guess I just miss my friend." The point, I think, being that you can recognize that your Grandmother did live a long and happy life...but still miss her!

This was maybe the worst analogy ever...

Princess Extraordinaire :

Wow I DO recall that! Super analogy! Thank you...

Chris H :

Sorry for your loss.
I too would have said at least she had a long and happy life!
But you are right.. it does not make it any easier.