Grace in Small Things

Just a short post to remind myself why I need to live in gratitude. Sometimes it's easy to slip and let something or someone drag you down so you find yourself breathing in toxic air, hence, forgetting just how amazing and beautiful life is. Here are just a few factoids to keep the Oxygen flowing freely:

  • Love abounds...and I'm not just speaking romantically but platonically among friends. If you're in my inner circle I'll love you up and be there for you forever and I've been fortunate enough to have that love tossed back at me tenfold.
  • I'm living healthy in spite of the MS......and I refuse to let it define me.
  • Family rocks...I simply don't know what I'd do without the love, support and guidance from my recent venture home served to fill me with loads of positivity and love.
  • Lucy love! Ahh...there's nothing quite like the love of an animal and I'm blessed enough to have a beautiful rescue named Lucy....and let's be honest...she rescued ME!

That's all I've time for now but I'll keep these posts frequent to keep my glass half full as opposed to half's all in your perspective!