De-Friended over Mitt...

The De-friend button on Facebook mystifies me. I suppose it's not so much the button so much as it's public nature so you, too, can see who has just lost interest in you.

As much as I thought I'd never have to experience this first hand, this morning I was proven wrong. However, instead of being left to ponder reasons as to why someone would possibly want to let go of my riveting posts and valued friendship, I was blatantly told.


I like Mitt Romney.

Seriously? Yeah...

I was told this individual would no longer associate with any persons liking the Romney/Ryan ticket and unless I changed my "likes" I'd promptly be De-Friended. Well I didn't change my likes and well, you know the rest.....

But let me ask you, those of you still reading this conservative chick's blog, can you, yourself rise above this political quagmire? Would you let a friend go because of political ideology even if said friend never made politics fodder for debate? I think it's pretty clear this friend was never a friend at all but rather one of a number of people among my posse who really don't know the real me.

I guess it's not up for debate.

4 tell it like it is:

Chris H :

REAL friends would not give a shit what political party you liked, what religion or lack of you liked... etc etc.
REAL friends are worth keeping, the others can de-friend you .. they are not worth worrying about.

Princess Extraordinaire :

I agree Chris, well said!

Kasey McCarver :

I think I'll start defriending people who don't like the color pink. It makes TOTAL sense, right? Eejits! I can understand your shock, though. It's preposterous!

Princess Extraordinaire :

It's insane!