For the Love of Steven!

I'm in a love/hate relationship. We see one another three days a week and he's usually pretty hard on me. Thinking I might be delusional in my choice of amores? Well, you might be right but this "love" I'm referring to is my trainer, Steven.

Don't get me wrong, I love working out, especially when propelled to new levels of endurance you once thought impossible. It's those days when you feel like the MS is all invasive or the pain overwhelming that you want to spew profanities at the mere thought of one more push up. But that's when Steven does his best work as he sees in me things I cannot see in myself and allows me to push beyond the comfort zone into an alternate universe where I CAN and I DO!

He just left and I feel that wonderful afterglow that a woman can get one of two ways...and since we're only friends that would leave a killer workout! I feel more confident, assured and able then the MS could ever counter and to me, well, that's a reason to smile.

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