MS stinks.

We clear? Good.

Seriously,  I know I should be leading off this post with something inspirational and not so effing negative caustic but that's just how I'm feeling this morning.

It's super frustrating to be doing all the"right" things yet get all the wrong results. Case in point:

I work out with a trainer three times a week and even though there are times I can literally only lie on my back and work from there I give it my all. Yesterday I was able to actually do some "real" exercises and instead of feeling revitalized and better I could barely get up this morning. My arms burned and felt quasi numb and my legs, although happily sore from the number of repetitions, couldn't lift on their own to get into my sweats. This isn't to say I think working out is counter productive, rather, there are some mornings where I see absolutely no correlation between the things I do to strengthen myself and actually bettering my situation. It's just so frustrating.

I refuse to give up, however, because to give up would mean the MS wins and to me that's just not an option. Am I scared on the days I can't shower without tears of frustration or dress without a few choice words flying out of my mouth? Absolutely. But I quickly succumb to the realization that things could be much worse and that I am extremely blessed.

But today I still think MS stinks.

2 tell it like it is:

brookem :

Ugh. MS does suck. You seem to have a really positive attitude given everything you have on your plate. It's only natural to get pissed off and feel defeated at times. It's the big picture and how you deal with it overall that has the correlation to your well being- emotionally as well as physically. Hang in there.

Princess Extraordinaire :

Thanks so much. It's definitely trying at times but if I can just keep the,"glass half full," attitude ill have an advantage. Thanks, again!