The Loss of Lucy

This is a difficult post to write. After rescuing my Golden, Lucy, last fall I lost her to Spleen Cancer last month. It's like a cruel joke....given enough time to completely fall in love with her she's suddenly and inexplicably taken away.

Lucy enjoying her yard
She left me on a beautiful Saturday in September. The sky was bright blue and the birds were still singing as the heat persisted. I had found out the previous Wednesday Lucy had cancer of the spleen and was bleeding internally. After a failed transfusion she began to show real signs death was imminent Saturday morning. I phoned my Vet and asked him to come to the house so Lucy wouldn't have to incur any more trauma. Fortunately, he consented and within a few hours she was in my arms as the fatal injection was given.

Such a juxtaposition to have the flow of life all around me while life stopped so suddenly for her.

To say I miss her is a gross understatement. I tear as I look up on the mantle and see her picture yet know she was the start of something far more beautiful than even she could have imagined. Because of Lucy I am going to rescue again and after that again and once again after get the picture.

Her legacy will live on long after she is gone just as it has.

3 tell it like it is:

Elaine Biss :

I am so sorry Jenn. She was a special little dog and she was lucky to have had such a sweet owner. Love you girl!

Chris H :

Awww so sorry to here about Lucy passing, we lost one of our wee puppies 8 days ago and it broke my heart too.

Princess Extraordinaire :

Oh Chris I'm so sorry about your pup, my heart goes out to you and ill keep you in my thoughts xo