Beam Me Up, Doctor

Why is it that this blog is suspiciously becoming more and more about my misadventures with MS? I suppose having this disease is all encompassing and I really do appreciate all of your patience while I bloviate about every incessant detail of my journey. Really.

SO I can can continue, right?

As if you had a prayer...

Umm kay, so, the latest is that I had to have a port-a-cath surgically implanted in my chest. Seems my veins couldn't take the usage of monthly infusions so the next best thing was to attach a catheter to my heart so never more would I have to sit through ten-fifteen IV misses. Now all the nurse has to do is get it right stick the needle via my catheter under the skin and the infusion of Tysabri can begin.

In case you're wondering? Yeah. I'm scared.

But that's for another post.....for now suffice to say I've entered a new realm in modern day medicine and should greatly benefit from it. We begin to infuse this Thursday morning so if you could send some good vibes, prayers and happy dances my way I'd be forever grateful.

But I'm still scared.

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Chris H :

It all sounds scary to me... I hope it went well.