Walk MS 2013

As all of you know I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis three years ago and living with it has been a definite experience unlike any other. Truth be told? I wouldn't change my diagnosis for anything in the world as it has greatly opened my heart, eyes and soul to a beautiful being; myself.

That being said I want to fight this disease tooth and nail and would love 2013 to be THE year MS goes in the history books not for the lives it takes but for it's own extinction. Hence, I am participating in, Walk MS, April, 6th, and would love your consideration in sponsoring me.

We can and will eradicate MS but need your help.  Any denomination would be greatly appreciated as cumulatively we can fight, and win, the battle for the cure. Please visit my link below for more information.

Walk MS 2013 - University of California Irvine: Mrs. Jennifer Powell - National MS Society

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