A Walk to Remember

There are few times in life where we feel touched, moved and inspired by a single event. This past Saturday was one of those times.

I, and my trainer/friend, Steven, participated in Walk MS, a walk to raise both funds and awareness for Multiple Sclerosis. Not only did we raise much needed awareness with all the media hype, I, personally, raised over 1000.00 for MS research.

The walk itself was just over two miles but as you can imagine, it felt much longer thanks to my drop foot and muscle pain. That being said, Steven and I rocked it! I can't begin to tell you how supported I felt having such a terrific friend walk alongside me. Mere words cannot possibly do my feelings justice. As we walked we were cheered on by a myriad of people who lent an amazing amount of support and momentum. I felt a lump in my throat as I realized this walk wasn't just any walk but a walk for the disease that has altered my life in such a profound way. I was walking so multitudes after me may never again have to hear that devastating diagnosis and that felt immensely fulfilling.

If I am able, I will walk again next year as the key to fighting MS is movement. Staying physically active is incredibly important and it is because I have stayed active that I was able to fulfil my goal of crossing the finish line. Having my personal trainer and good friend, Steven, by my side meant the world to me, as it is because of him I was able to participate, and complete, the walk.

Thanks to all of you who not only donated but kept me close in thought and prayer.

I did it!

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