Faithfully Yours

I am sitting in my backyard writing as the sun shines among the various flowers peaking out from a long winter's nap. As I look around I ponder aspects of my life and why it is that, on days such as these, when merely walking to the mailbox becomes a challenge, I can somehow find a smile.


More specifically?

Faith in God.

I find my faith so integral in allowing me to face and ultimately overcome many of the days I find it even hard to smile, but smile I do because I've got an awesome God who not only loves me but affords me the opportunity to see, smell and love the proverbial roses. I find it hard to conceptualize that there are some, many, out there who actively choose not to have such a faith and miss out on the all of the beauty He has to offer. As mind boggling as it is I will always respect all of my fellows just as I ask they respect me.

I suppose I am lucky. everyday I am completely and totally enveloped in His love for me and I'll be damned if I miss out on what gifts He has bestowed upon me. More importantly, I find it almost, no, totally impossible to survive having MS without such an awesome God on my side. That being said I am a firm believer that God helps those who help themselves so help myself I will by continuing to live in gratitude for all my blessings.

And blessed I am. As I look to my right I see my beautiful Golden, Abby, lying alongside me and then it hits me; I am not only blessed I am a blessing to many. Now while you may see that as highly noxious and conceited I have to say in order to count your blessings you must also include yourself among them. You are a blessing as He made you to glorify Him and love life. Seize the moment and live a fully immersed life as living anything short of that is a travesty.

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