My Dog's on Paleo

I was at the small, canine-chic pet store the other day to stock up on, among other things, Kong toys, bully sticks and, of course, the seemingly ever-evaporating dog food. Its' presence is so fleeting I'd swear some carnivorous elves were sneaking away with bowls filled. I wouldn't ordinarily care or concern myself with the shrinkage, however, when you're paying top dollar for organic, Grain-free, high end chow you suddenly become observant. Yesterday, while admiring the amount I'd un-apologetically amassed at the pet store, I became inexplicably aware that, while I struggle and strive to, my dog's eating Paleo.

Now anyone who knows me know my Golden Retriever, Abby, is my life. As evidenced by her dining habits, she is treated as well, if not better then, myself. Howso? You may wonder? Here are just a few tid bits:

  • She's only allowed bully-sticks as treats and, at $6.99 a stick, they might as well be dipped in Gold leafing.
  • She's groomed, and I mean hair, nails, teeth, anal glands (yep, I said it) and face every couple of months, depending on her, ahem, needs.
  • Her food, including milk bones are organic and grain-free. I'd say it's for allergies but you wouldn't believe me.
  • All her toys are Kong so she won't accidentally break apart or ingest them.
  • She's never kenneled. When I travel either she travels with or is kept at my house with a live-in dog-sitter.



Good. I've done my job.

So while I try to adhere to some Paleo eating habits, my hound eats a nutritional, sustainable, organic diet fit for, well,  a person.

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