Time Flies

Miss a month miss a lot. Now THAT's an understatement. May seemed to fly right on by with more challenges then I'd like but as evidenced by the date on the calendar, time does pass and so do the difficult moments.

I can't believe we're already midway through June and the official start of Summer is a mere two days away. As you can imagine, Summer is not my favorite month. As the mercury rises, so do the myriad of MS symptoms. When overheated I can quickly lose cognitive function, dexterity, balance among other functionality. It's something I work hard to avoid so while most worship the rays I covet the AC.

One things about Summer I absolutely love?

July 4th.

This year I'll be spending it as I do many others, amid family up in San Francisco. I am eager to blow out of here for a week and indulge in all things epicurean. I plan on spending vast hours in the swimming pool, on the boat or at the club while enjoying the company of family. I feel so extremely blessed to have parents who both thrive on doting on me. Their love nourishes the soul and I can never get enough. In any event, we will take the boat out he evening of the 4th, drop anchor in the bay and enjoy the most magical display of fireworks I have ever had the pleasure of viewing. As if that's not enough I am insanely eager to venture up to Lake Tahoe the first week of September. Again, I will be with my folks at our place in Incline and again, I will indulge in all of the favorable activities Tahoe has to offer. In essence? I'll sit my ass in a cabana next to the Lake alternately reading, sunning and swimming. Bliss.

As for the MS, it's definitely been trying but I am grateful this post didn't revolve around it.

Point, Jenn.