A Purpose Filled Life

If I've found one thing to be irrevocably true it's that we all need a purpose in this thing called life. This factoid is doubly true if you are living with MS or any other chronic disease. While keeping us busy, it's not simply enough to do our countless errands, keep our endless doctor's appointments or give and receive love from those in our inner sanctum. Simply put, we were put here to manifest the glory of God and that resides not in some but in each and every one of us. That being said it is imperative we find something that serves our higher purpose; that we don't simply exist from day to day.

Now I understand that there are many days with MS where the very best we can do is exist, however, if you are living in your purpose you will find those days not only tolerable but gratifying. On the days you can, you do. On the days you need rest, you rest. For me I have found writing (shocker) to be my refuge. I have mixed my gift for prose with topics I know well and out came a passion and purpose unparalleled. Writing keeps me hopeful while it exercises my cognitive functions that, thanks to the lesions, have been greatly afflicted. Of course there are days the words don't flow as fast and my frustrations mount, however, I push onward knowing it is that passion keeping me both sane and in tune with myself.

Try to find something you both enjoy and have a propensity toward. Do you love animals? How about volunteering at a local rescue? Do you like fashion? What about becoming a personal shopper or a fashion advisor? Get involved in your local church as there's a myriad of activities to help you cultivate your inner purpose. I know you're probably wondering how to fulfill obligation while living with one of the most uncooperative of diseases but rest assured. In choosing something in line with your physical capabilities you will both rest easy and be confident knowing you can complete any task. The beauty is your purpose can be finely tuned and specifically catered to you.

Bottom line? Don't give up. Having MS does not mean to simply sit on the sidelines of life and watch the world spin. You were always meant for greatness. Be bold in your choice and move forward.

You got this.

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