Happy (belated) Birthday, America!

Happy Belated Birthday, America! Just a quick recap of my July 4th celebration:

Spent the week up in Marin County; quite possibly THE most beautiful place on earth. Who me bias? I kicked off the week exerting all of my energies and lying poolside. It's a sweaty job but someones gotta do it, and frankly, I've felt so exhausted lately it was exactly what the proverbial doctor ordered. Among barbeque's, lunches at the yacht club while viewing the America's Cup time trials, anchoring under fireworks and spending time with my parents it was a blissful trip. Even though I went up quite possibly the worst I've been in a while, I emerged tanned, rested and happy.

Now, amid the chaos that I call my life, I strive for peace and gratitude in all things. This is not to say I do not already abide by those tenants, it simply means I need, for personal supplication, to OWN them. LIVE them. BE them. I find my daily prayer has increased tenfold along with my need for stillness. It's amazing the self discovery that takes place when I allow myself to just be and not do, not be in motion constantly. It's harder then I thought, although immensely rewarding.

Now to begin to daunting task of preparing for yet another fun trip to Lake Tahoe with the fam. Yes, I'm being entirely facetious, however, I do hate leaving Abby. The only upside? She was completely gaga when I came home, running in continual circles, crying, barking, peeing and just exhibiting such happiness. What a welcome home!

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