Faith Under Fire

People often ask me how I maintain such a positive outlook despite living with MS and Chronic Pain. That's easy. Faith. Not faith in myself, my doctors or friends and family, although having faith in them is instrumental to my every day successes, but faith in God.

Before I go on I have to say my positivity does not mean I don't have down or bad days, because Lord knows I do, but they are just moments in time that are eclipsed by the insurmountable number of amazing days. I most definitely have times when I feel sad and blue and struggle, but I know that they will pass. The reason I know this to be true is because God has always seen to it to be so. He has provided me an outlet for not only for praise and joy but for troubles and trials. I have an omnipotent, omnibenevolent God who elicits my own strengths when things get tough. Having faith means letting go and trusting that God will see you through to whatever outcome He has in store. Now you may not be expecting that particular outcome but somehow, someway God has always provided me coping mechanisms.

I understand that there be some out there asking why God lets them suffer and even have Multiple Sclerosis. I think the more important question is why NOT you? God gives His toughest battles to His strongest soldiers and to be among them is something I've always had extreme gratitude for. Getting to be gratefully faithful is an evolution of sorts, however, because I definitely wasn't there when the doctor diagnosed me. I was filled with fear of the unknown and questions about my own survival. I had faith but I never really put my faith to the test. After all faith is truly believing when you cannot see hope and trusting when you do not yet know the answers. I had to really sit with myself for months after my diagnosis and learn to change my list of needs when I prayed. Instead of praying for health and wellness I prayed for strength and insight into His plan and how I could be useful to what He wanted for me. Looking to my higher power for a greater purpose literally saved me from myself.

How can I be so trusting at a time of great turmoil? The alternative isn't a good one. Pretending that we are all powerful and all knowing consistently blows up in our face. Relying on solely ourselves to guide us out of our own personal challenges has some serious repercussions. When or sense of self becomes inflated we tend to make choices based on our ego and not what's in our best interest. This is not to say do not think for yourself, because thought is one of God's greatest gifts to humans. Instead, do not rely solely on your own thought process to guide you out of your crisis. Rely on Him in times of chaos, praise him even when you feel least like it and your life will change. Of crisis a personal faith is born and sense of peace and satiation like no other.

Living with daily challenges is not easy, and I'm not pretending it is. Your challenges, however, can not only become tolerable but even joyous when you find your faith. I have never been closer or had a better relationship with God which one could see as an irony as I have never had more health challenges. But me? I see everything as one big blessing.

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Chris H :

I'm happy for you that you have something to help you get through all that you do.

Princess Extraordinaire :

Thank you, Chris!!