Optimist In The House

You may have noticed that the name of my blog has changed. While I am still very much that girl who conceived, Persona of A Princess, I have outgrown much of what that name connotes. With all of my life experiences in the 6 years since it's infancy, I have found myself morphing into the woman I'd always hoped to become. This is not to say I am, "fully baked", or at the end of my spiritual or emotional journey, rather, I am learning to gratefully embrace the everyday ups and downs life hands my way.

Optimist, could be difficult for some to understand given my three year battle with Multiple Sclerosis, however, this diagnosis is exactly what highlighted my optimism. It is impossible not to stop and smell the proverbial roses when living with something as unpredictable and life altering as MS. This is not to say I don't have bad or trying days, rather, my essence of always looking on the bright side remains steadfast.

As well, my faith has become the cornerstone of my being as it is Jesus who helps guide me through the darkest of times. With Him, how could I possibly be anything but an optimist? Once again, God doesn't always promise you won't get stuck by a few thorns but He does promise the beauty of the roses to help you forget the pain. There always seems to be a greater lesson amidst my trials and tribulations and I want to always be cognizant of them.

At it's inception, Persona of A Princess, focused on everything inane, fun and superfluous. The new name change doesn't mean I wont find those things entertaining and fodder for thought, I just also hope to strike a balance among those things and what now motivates, touches, moves and inspires me. In doing so I am hopeful you will find them to be the same.

So here goes. Let's have fun on this journey of life seen through the eyes of this forty-something, life-loving, God-fearing chick.

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