Walk MS 2013

As all of you know I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis three years ago and living with it has been a definite experience unlike any other. Truth be told? I wouldn't change my diagnosis for anything in the world as it has greatly opened my heart, eyes and soul to a beautiful being; myself.

That being said I want to fight this disease tooth and nail and would love 2013 to be THE year MS goes in the history books not for the lives it takes but for it's own extinction. Hence, I am participating in, Walk MS, April, 6th, and would love your consideration in sponsoring me.

We can and will eradicate MS but need your help.  Any denomination would be greatly appreciated as cumulatively we can fight, and win, the battle for the cure. Please visit my link below for more information.

Walk MS 2013 - University of California Irvine: Mrs. Jennifer Powell - National MS Society

Tysabri Blues

It was a Tysabri weekend for me.

What's that you may wonder?

Well, a Tysabri weekend consists of all the joys of the flu as the side effects of the drug mimic flu-like symptoms.

But let me back up.

My first infusion with the port was Thursday and all went well. The port was accessed easily and the infusion, other than the migraine, couldn't have gone better.

Jump to Friday.

I erroneously thought I had come out of the infusion unscathed other than the typical migraine I had had prior with my first infusion in January.

Ummm, yeah. I was wrong.

The unrelenting nausea began Friday afternoon accompanied by vomiting, dizziness, weakness and other fun side effects. Scared, I called my doctor only to be told these are expected symptoms and that I'd just have to ride them out. I don't mind what they said I only mind I wasn't better prepared for the onslaught.

Trust me, next month will be different because I will have an arsenal to help me through. I will have anti-nausea meds, saltines and 7 Up, ensure and movies galore to pass the time. I am almost ashamed to admit I became addicted to all things, BRAVO, as their programming, while crude and oh so dramatic, makes me smile.

The only silver lining in all of this? I am losing copious amounts of weight! Not exactly the diet of choice, however, I always have to find a positive in everything that happens so, so be it.

It's now Monday and I am coming out the other side. I have such respect for anyone enduring these treatments as they are not easy. My only hope is that it s attacking the MS as voraciously as it is myself.

One can hope.

Beam Me Up, Doctor

Why is it that this blog is suspiciously becoming more and more about my misadventures with MS? I suppose having this disease is all encompassing and I really do appreciate all of your patience while I bloviate about every incessant detail of my journey. Really.

SO I can can continue, right?

As if you had a prayer...

Umm kay, so, the latest is that I had to have a port-a-cath surgically implanted in my chest. Seems my veins couldn't take the usage of monthly infusions so the next best thing was to attach a catheter to my heart so never more would I have to sit through ten-fifteen IV misses. Now all the nurse has to do is get it right stick the needle via my catheter under the skin and the infusion of Tysabri can begin.

In case you're wondering? Yeah. I'm scared.

But that's for another post.....for now suffice to say I've entered a new realm in modern day medicine and should greatly benefit from it. We begin to infuse this Thursday morning so if you could send some good vibes, prayers and happy dances my way I'd be forever grateful.

But I'm still scared.