My Dog's on Paleo

I was at the small, canine-chic pet store the other day to stock up on, among other things, Kong toys, bully sticks and, of course, the seemingly ever-evaporating dog food. Its' presence is so fleeting I'd swear some carnivorous elves were sneaking away with bowls filled. I wouldn't ordinarily care or concern myself with the shrinkage, however, when you're paying top dollar for organic, Grain-free, high end chow you suddenly become observant. Yesterday, while admiring the amount I'd un-apologetically amassed at the pet store, I became inexplicably aware that, while I struggle and strive to, my dog's eating Paleo.

Now anyone who knows me know my Golden Retriever, Abby, is my life. As evidenced by her dining habits, she is treated as well, if not better then, myself. Howso? You may wonder? Here are just a few tid bits:

  • She's only allowed bully-sticks as treats and, at $6.99 a stick, they might as well be dipped in Gold leafing.
  • She's groomed, and I mean hair, nails, teeth, anal glands (yep, I said it) and face every couple of months, depending on her, ahem, needs.
  • Her food, including milk bones are organic and grain-free. I'd say it's for allergies but you wouldn't believe me.
  • All her toys are Kong so she won't accidentally break apart or ingest them.
  • She's never kenneled. When I travel either she travels with or is kept at my house with a live-in dog-sitter.



Good. I've done my job.

So while I try to adhere to some Paleo eating habits, my hound eats a nutritional, sustainable, organic diet fit for, well,  a person.

Faithfully Yours

I am sitting in my backyard writing as the sun shines among the various flowers peaking out from a long winter's nap. As I look around I ponder aspects of my life and why it is that, on days such as these, when merely walking to the mailbox becomes a challenge, I can somehow find a smile.


More specifically?

Faith in God.

I find my faith so integral in allowing me to face and ultimately overcome many of the days I find it even hard to smile, but smile I do because I've got an awesome God who not only loves me but affords me the opportunity to see, smell and love the proverbial roses. I find it hard to conceptualize that there are some, many, out there who actively choose not to have such a faith and miss out on the all of the beauty He has to offer. As mind boggling as it is I will always respect all of my fellows just as I ask they respect me.

I suppose I am lucky. everyday I am completely and totally enveloped in His love for me and I'll be damned if I miss out on what gifts He has bestowed upon me. More importantly, I find it almost, no, totally impossible to survive having MS without such an awesome God on my side. That being said I am a firm believer that God helps those who help themselves so help myself I will by continuing to live in gratitude for all my blessings.

And blessed I am. As I look to my right I see my beautiful Golden, Abby, lying alongside me and then it hits me; I am not only blessed I am a blessing to many. Now while you may see that as highly noxious and conceited I have to say in order to count your blessings you must also include yourself among them. You are a blessing as He made you to glorify Him and love life. Seize the moment and live a fully immersed life as living anything short of that is a travesty.

A Walk to Remember

There are few times in life where we feel touched, moved and inspired by a single event. This past Saturday was one of those times.

I, and my trainer/friend, Steven, participated in Walk MS, a walk to raise both funds and awareness for Multiple Sclerosis. Not only did we raise much needed awareness with all the media hype, I, personally, raised over 1000.00 for MS research.

The walk itself was just over two miles but as you can imagine, it felt much longer thanks to my drop foot and muscle pain. That being said, Steven and I rocked it! I can't begin to tell you how supported I felt having such a terrific friend walk alongside me. Mere words cannot possibly do my feelings justice. As we walked we were cheered on by a myriad of people who lent an amazing amount of support and momentum. I felt a lump in my throat as I realized this walk wasn't just any walk but a walk for the disease that has altered my life in such a profound way. I was walking so multitudes after me may never again have to hear that devastating diagnosis and that felt immensely fulfilling.

If I am able, I will walk again next year as the key to fighting MS is movement. Staying physically active is incredibly important and it is because I have stayed active that I was able to fulfil my goal of crossing the finish line. Having my personal trainer and good friend, Steven, by my side meant the world to me, as it is because of him I was able to participate, and complete, the walk.

Thanks to all of you who not only donated but kept me close in thought and prayer.

I did it!

The Warrior Within

I need a new drug.

Any of you old enough to remember Huey Lewis will know I'm being halfway facetious and half serious. The half serious side dominates, however, as the side effects of the Tysabri are ferocious. As well, I am having a difficult time differentiating among the side effects and those aches and pains related to plain old Multiple Sclerosis.

Multiple Sclerosis.

Even now when I say it, it sometimes seems like I'm speaking of someone else. It's sometimes daunting to realize the person I'm speaking of is me. But it is. And I'm determined not to be a wallflower about it. I have MS, and while it's not my identity it IS a large part of who I am so I want to put that large part to good use.

This is not to say I'm not scared. Because I am. Every day. 365 days a year. But I'm a fighter and when fighters look fear in the face they stare it down. So each day that I wake with new symptoms or the days I find I can't make it up the stairs without a death grip on the banister I just embrace the symptom or grab that banister and fight. I could go on a diatribe about the myriad of symptoms I'm currently tackling but I'll save that for another post, I just wanted to let all of you know that I intend, even on the days I wake in tears, to be a warrior against MS.

This Saturday I am putting my words into action and doing Walk MS and I have to say I am a ball of nervous excitement. I have almost raised 1000.00 and am going to walk those few miles with a sense of pride never before felt. For those few miles represent the road of life and each step is but a moment in my lifetime journey with this disease. I intend to walk with faith, hope and determination that one day soon we will eradicate MS.

WIsh me luck!