Laughter IS Good Medicine

"Through humor, you can soften some of the worst blows that life delivers and once you find laughter, no matter how painful your situation might be you can survive it”  - Bill Cosby

Such a truism and one I have been made acutely aware of lately. While a myriad of lifes struggles have been particularly painful, I have found solace in my humor. Quite honestly, if someone asked me to look at the humor in any aspect in my life I most likely would have shot them that, ‘Really?” look before saying something I would surely regret. Ironically, my humor came out of hibernation amidst some huge stressors.

Despite my monthly infusions of Tysabri, I have slipped from Relapsing-Remitting to Primary-Progressive. I can feel the progression in my legs, my mind and most of all, my heart. I have been hit with a melancholy and wistfulness that make me quite blue and it takes every ounce of cognitive strength to will myself out of it. Getting out of a funk is an exercise in deliberation and determination and can leave you feeling weary. I was in such a state when Abby did something. I say something because what she did, in and of itself, was not funny. In fact it was quite annoying, hence, leaving me with a quandary. Do I take see this situation as a negative or a positive? Something within me just chose the latter and I began, much to my surprise, to laugh. Loud.

Humor is a weapon in our arsenal and we often forget its effectiveness in both making us happy and relieving stress. I have found it imperative to laugh amongst the tears and smile in my despair as it doesn’t have to be one or the other. Because I am sad doesn’t mean I have to forego feeling happiness. They are not coexistent yet mutually exclusive. I can hold both.

So can you.

This thing we call MS and the myriad of symptoms that mirror it can lead us down a dark road and we need to cull upon any source of happiness within. Interestingly enough, doing this is often a choice, one that can drastically alter our perception and, as they say, perception is everything. I am definitely not saying that our blues, struggles and troubles will up and disappear; rather, we will find hope in a wonderful coping mechanism.

Just to clarify the situation with Abby was as follows: Earlier in the day, Abby has counter surfed and absconded three pork chops. Upon arriving home I found only traces of the pink Styrofoam container strewn across the lawn and instead of getting mad I laughed. Not only did I smile thinking of her trying to contort her rather large Golden Retriever tummy over the granite counter, I laughed out loud at my stupidity at trusting her with them. Later that day she was carrying around something that resembled a dead bird. I was convinced of this all while trying to have her let go so I could dispose of it. Once she let go I approached only to find that this dead bird was really a dirt-dipped pork chop. She had buried the aforementioned pork chops.

I laughed deep and hard and you know what? It felt good.

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