Give Back

I am often asked what keeps me motivated, especially on the inevitable ‘bad’ or trying days following Tysbari or a random spell. Aside from the obvious, my Lord and Savior, family and friends, it’s my involvement in this war we’ve waged against MS.

Fighting a war is a daunting task, especially when up against such a worthy and ominous adversary such as MS, but it is important to remember that you are not alone in this fight. I come across many who feel ineffectual when it comes to this battle as MS can be both overwhelming and intimidating, rendering us physically and emotionally fatigued. Take heart! This is a collective effort, one we are to support one another in accomplishing as no battle was ever won solo.

Admittedly, I was a bit uncertain where to start but eventually just chose a platform best suited for my abilities. It’s no secret that I love to write and, after having had a book published as well as a myriad of articles relating to health I decided to combat this disease via informing and uplifting the masses. Being a stay-at-home-wife affords me the opportunity to write when my health allows, as well, there’s something immensely satisfying about completing a piece in your pajamas! I wrote both for Endless Pursuit as well as The Multiple Sclerosis Society and find reaching people quite satisfying. The feedback I’ve received lets me know the little I am doing is making a large impact.

In addition, I enjoy fundraising. Last year I completed Walk MS with over 1500.00 in donations and I am slated to surpass that number this year. There’s a possibility I may not be able to participate in the walk itself but instead seeing that as a negative, I am choosing to do what I can. It is reassuring to know that money I’ve raised will help someone with medication or physician costs. Fundraising happens at all levels and is something you can easy achieve via the myriad of social media outlets, the majority of the money I raised was done so through Facebook.
Another avenue I have chosen to pursue is actually helping other people with MS on a more personal level. I have volunteered to give individuals rides to appointments and/or do some general errands. I know what it’s like to feel helpless and without means to accomplish any given task and gives me great pleasure to help in this way. There’s no greater form of ‘payment’ then a genuine hug or to hear someone’s very heartfelt, ‘thank you’