The Struggle Has Ceased

It's been six months since I have written. Here, that is. While I have taken quite the sabbatical from this blog I am blogging for MS sites as well as acting as the associate editor for the Golden Retriever Rescue Newsletter. The thing is it all started here so I am not about to walk away from this as it's like my first born and the etiology of all that currently gives me purpose and meaning.

This year has been difficult at best with my health taking precedence; Multiple Sclerosis is not for the faint of mind, body or spirit and has proven a worthy adversary. There have been peaks and troughs and like anything in my life I navigate with faith, positivity and hope then face whatever this way comes. Is it easy? No. But it is what it is and my reaction heavily dictates how I am impacted.

People often tell me what an amazing warrior I am, and while I am both flattered and appreciative it is actually quite the antithesis. I stopped "warrioring" a long time ago when I realized that my fighting and standing in direct confliction with what was happening only parlayed the inevitable and exhausted my sacred resources.

Much more about this in my blog over at Endless Pursuit as next week I will elaborate my new found epiphany. Until then, I am grateful to be back in the swing of life and among those who were there before it all began.

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